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What type of projects are most common?

Initially most of our projects have been in the realm of G code conversion. A client may either be replacing a machine for which they have hundreds or thousands of existing, proven, G code programs that they would like to run on their new machine. Or a client may be looking to eliminate the control incompatibility on their shop floor by allowing for more interchangeability of G code programs between their equipment.

Recently ... we have had inquiries into converting cryptic Fanuc Macro B programs into PC based conversational, fill-in-the-blank software applications. We have designed applications where users can now step up to a PC screen ... enter the information required into a sleek software application with an intelligent user interface, and create a G code program instead of utilizng the cryptic macro programming language. These clients have experience a huge increase in efficiency in their program creation process.

How do I know if my idea is applicable?

NO idea is out of bounds. If you can imagine it ... it pays to run it by our C.S.D. unit. There is no charges for consultation and brainstorming and we will fully evaluate your ideas and concepts and lend some of our own expertise and experince to the mix. Together we can decide whether moving forward would be benefical.

What is the typical process that takes me from CONCEPT to APPLICATION?

The typical process of turning your idea into reality usually goes something like this :

What is the typical Development Time Frame?

This one is hard to answer as everyone's project and requirements are different. But we can assure you that your project will get our undivided attention and will be completed following the guidelines and schedule agreed upon prior to the start of development. Projects that have resulted in delays have ALWAYS been because the client has not been ready to receive the finished product ... never because we are behind in our development.

Past typical G code conversion application have been delivered in time frames ranging from 5-7 days to 2-3 weeks. Custom CNC conversational programming applications have typically been delivered within time frames ranging from 1-2 weeks to 3-4 months for BETA releases.

If YOU can Dream It ... We can CODE It !!

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